Book Trailers for Teens

There are so many cool resources for finding books, such as your local librarian, or online databases like Novelist. There are also online book trailers, which are similar to movie trailers, but for books. Book trailers are a great online resource from publishers and bibliophiles (book fans) for finding book recommendations. They are creative and differ from the standard book talk or article. Book trailers are wonderful for visual learners and those of us who just want a unique way to find our next read.

Here are some book trailers from publishers Epic Reads, Random House, and Simon & Schuster.

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Liking Poetry

TERENCE, this is stupid stuff: … 
Pretty friendship ’tis to rhyme 
Your friends to death before their time 
Moping melancholy mad: 
Come, pipe a tune to dance to, lad.’ 
A.E. Housman from “Terence, this is stupid stuff”

That is A. E. Housman referring to his own writing of poetry.
As I wandered around the library taking pictures of staff and their favorite poetry books for a poetry video at least 2 staff members said, “I hate poetry”. Continue reading Liking Poetry