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Just in time for Valentines Day: 9 Literary Crushes to LOVE

Literary swooners

Ah, the thrills of unrequited literary loves . . .
Pride and Prejudicekill a mockingbirdThere’s Mr. Darcy, the famed hero of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.  Or Heathcliff (sigh), Atticus Finch, and so many more swooners! Search our collection for some yummy literary leading men (now how would you catalogue THAT!?) Or try these character recommendations from Brightly. Then curl up with someone or something swooney, and celebrate the joys of a good love story.

Valentines Day: More Than a Box of Chocolates?

Since Geoffrey Chaucer first popularized the connection between Valentines Day and romance in the 14th Century, we have been struggling to find just the right token of affection for our beloved.  Flowers, jewelry, a fancy dinner, a trip to the spa, a box of chocolates …  perhaps we’re in need of some inspiration to break out of our Valentines Day rut.  I found some books in our collection that look at love from several different angles.  Continue reading Valentines Day: More Than a Box of Chocolates?