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August Kid & Teen Book Picks

Here are some of my favorite old and new kid & teen books that you should be reading this month! Want to know more about each of these books? Then read more about it in our catalog.

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Wow! Do we have books (and movies) for you!

Summer is for reading. But then again, so are fall, winter, and spring. But summer reading has hot temperatures and long nights that make for a distinctly interesting reading experience. Our staff (and even a patron!) have been so busy reading this summer, that we just had to publish a super duper extra long list of recommended reads. So set up the hammock, the iced tea, and the popsicles, then dive into these yummy summer treats. Continue reading Wow! Do we have books (and movies) for you!

How to Properly Use a Boinks Fidget Toy, as explained by Teen Team Volunteers

One of our Summer Reading prizes this year is the popular Boinks Fidget Toy! What is a Boinks Fidget toy you ask? Well here is an instructional video on how to properly use a Boinks Fidget toy by our awesome Teen Team Volunteers! *lol*

The Teen Team is what we call all of our teen volunteers who help us with different programs at the library!  Want to join? Then apply today!

-Contributed by Dominique, Youth Services Librarian