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Brave Librarians

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds…” these are words usually associated with postal couriers, but they really apply to librarians as well. Librarians are a fearless lot, you know; they can face challenges ranging from patrons in trouble to … mountains? seasickness? Read on for a fascinating overview of some brave and fearless librarians. Continue reading Brave Librarians

Libraries Can Be Life Changing

Books and computerNational Library Week is this week – time to remind you about the gem you have in your midst. We provide an opportunity for anyone to access information (yes anyone, and that would be for free). With so much information available online, we recognize that it still isn’t available to everyone. So libraries such as yours are stepping in to make sure everyone can easily access information!  Learn how libraries open up information for all, and thereby changes lives.

7 Unexpected Things That Libraries Offer Besides Books

Celebrating National Library Week with a fascinating piece on all the types of “information” libraries offer.
With advancements in technology, libraries are offering much more than something to read. A library researcher offers a sampling of some unexpected items that library patrons can check out these days. Continue reading 7 Unexpected Things That Libraries Offer Besides Books