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Gifts for Bibliomaniacs

Bibliomaniacs gifts

Lafayette Public Library is home (well, work-home) for those of us who LOVE books. In other words, bibliomaniacs. That said, of course we think books are the perfect gift for everyone on your list, and as a holiday treat for yourself (less fattening than cookies or lattes!).

Here are a few suggestions of books about books that you will enjoy giving (and peeking at before you wrap them). Continue reading Gifts for Bibliomaniacs

A Bit of Magic

Gifts-gifts-gifts- what to get young folks for the holidays! Games, clothes, gift cards?

Wait! How about a bit of magic?

Stephen King describes books as “a uniquely portable magic”.  And what better gift  to give to the teens and preteens in your life than the magic that opens the doors and windows of the imagination! We have sites and books to help you find lots of magical suggestions for your gift list. (You’re welcome.) Continue reading A Bit of Magic