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Black Histories for all

Black History Month is typically observed during February, but why stop there? Black history is part of our communal history, and there is a rich vein of fascinating stories for everyone to tap into at any time, for any reason. Here we present a selection for each age, from young children through adults…find them all in the catalog.

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Kid and Teen Books About Native American History and Experience


November brings Thanksgiving, a time for gratitude and remembering. November also brings the observance of Native American Heritage Month, an opportunity to become more educated about the complex history and current state of affairs of indigenous people.

Like all stories, Native stories are not a single story of defeat, bows and arrows, or of the past. They include stories of joy, of cultural pride, of meeting everyday challenges, fun, and celebrations of family and friendship. Check out the reading list from our friends at Brightly, and visit the Native Learning Center for more glimpses into Native stories.

If You Liked An American Marriage…

Oprah’s newest book club pick, An American Marriage, by Tayari Jones, tells the story of newlyweds, Roy and Celestial, whose relationship is tested by an unjust penal system. The book explores lingering racial injustice in the American South and the tumultuous effects it has on the lives of its characters. Continue reading If You Liked An American Marriage…

Publisher’s Weekly picks for Fall/Winter 2015

Check out Publisher’s Weekly Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2015, a very useful preview of coming attractions for Fall and Winter 2015. The list is sweeping, offering picks in the following genres:  fiction, mystery/thriller/crime, sci-fi/fantasy/horror, romance/erotica, comic and graphic novels, memoirs, literary criticism/biography, science, religion, history, politics and music.