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Science and Babies?

babies science books

Thanks to Brightly for this wonderful intro to the world of science for babies. Baby Loves Science books are designed for for the very young, but are great for preschoolers and even grown-ups as a wonderful introduction to scientific concepts like aerospace engineering, thermodynamics, and molecules. Find out from Ruth Spiro, author of the Baby Loves Science series just why those ideas are not too big for babies to grasp.

Read Aloud From Birth . . . It Makes a Difference!

mom-and-baby-readMarch kicks off the “Read Aloud From Birth” campaign, from our friends at the Read Aloud 15 Minutes organization.  Based on their research, only 15% of parents read aloud to their baby in the first year of life. That means over 3 million babies each year miss out on early brain development, and yet it only requires as little as 15 minutes a day to reap that benefit for your baby! Continue reading Read Aloud From Birth . . . It Makes a Difference!