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Nuestro Reto de Lectura del Feriado de Invierno

Nuestro Reto de Lectura del Feriado de Invierno es del 21 de diciembre, 2018 al 7 de enero, 2019. Lo único que tienes que hacer es ingresar a la cuenta de Beanstack que creaste durante la Lectura de Verano, o puedes crear una nueva para tu familia. Para participar, completa  3 de las 5 actividades de Lectura del Feriado de Invierno, en línea, y podrías ganarte un libro y otros premios. Los ganadores serán escogidos al azar en las siguientes categorías: Recién Nacidos a Pre-Escolar, Kinder a 5to Grado, 6to Grado a 12vo Grado, y Adultos.


  • Leer un libro
  • Escuchar un audio-libro
  • Prestar una revista de la biblioteca (en línea o en persona)
  • Visitar la biblioteca
  • Compartir cuál fue tu libro favorito de 2018

¡Ingresa a tu cuenta o puedes crear una nueva!

Para ingresarse en español, vaya al final de la página y escoje el botón:


Love a mother? Have a mother? Are a mother?

Mothers Day. Holiday? Holy day? Hallmark day? Whatever your thoughts on the day, you must admit that the subject of mothers is something we all have experience with, and all have opinions about.
We’ve assembled here an intriguing selection of books about, for, and by mothers and their children. A motherly shout out goes to our staff contributors; Cailin, Ellen, Melissa, and Madra, as well as the folks at Brightly, and Shelf Awareness for Readers. Continue reading Love a mother? Have a mother? Are a mother?

Screen-Free Week: Kids, Teens, & Adults

Screen-Free Week is happening!

Kids, teens, and adults who register in person or online before April 27  can receive a free pass to the Recreation Center for the week of April 29 – May 5. Kids and teens who participate in the program can also pick up a free book on May 5 from the Library!

Besides all the cool stuff going on at the Rec Center, the Library will have free activities for kids & teens  going on during the week too!

Free activities like…

Continue reading Screen-Free Week: Kids, Teens, & Adults

Friends Tell Friends About Great Books

Librarian Recommended booksDon’t you love it when a friend recommends a book? I love to explore books through friends, because they rarely steer me wrong!

Librarian recommended reads

We are friendly librarians, and as such, we have an assortment of interesting, entertaining and intriguing books for you to try. Have at it – read on for the details of these and other staff recommendations.  Continue reading Friends Tell Friends About Great Books