June Nonfiction for Kids & Teens

Here are some of my favorite kid and teen nonfiction books that you should be reading this month! Nonfiction books are great for finding factual information to use in school projects and/or personal research. Want to know more about each of these books?  Find them all in our catalog!

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Summertime – and the Reading is Easy . . .

kids reading at the beach

Our summer reading program begins June 1, and continues through July 31, with all sorts of reading incentives, events, and activities to keep our community reading and learning throughout the summer.
But have you ever wondered how summer reading programs got started, and what their value might be? Read on for a short history, reasons why parents might want their kids participate in a summer reading program, and what we offer right here at the Lafayette Public Library. Continue reading Summertime – and the Reading is Easy . . .