NaNoWriMo Contest Entry: Melanie

“They’re real! Real, I tell you. More real than you’ve ever guessed. Magic, it’s real…”

You are hooked, aren’t you?! Read a longer excerpt from Melanie’s novel. Even though we are no longer taking submissions, you can still read all about our National Novel Writing Month Contest for grades K-12. Stay tuned: we will be announcing winners in the coming week!

Gifts for Bibliomaniacs

Bibliomaniacs gifts

Lafayette Public Library is home (well, work-home) for those of us who LOVE books. In other words, bibliomaniacs. That said, of course we think books are the perfect gift for everyone on your list, and as a holiday treat for yourself (less fattening than cookies or lattes!).

Here are a few suggestions of books about books that you will enjoy giving (and peeking at before you wrap them). Continue reading Gifts for Bibliomaniacs