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11 Touching Books to Boost Empathy in Teen Readers

Teens empathy books

“Empathy is often described as understanding the feelings and thoughts of other people. Basically, this skill set boils down to the ability of a person to relate or see a different point of view. Many people compare this emotional development with the ability to ‘walk in another person’s shoes.’ “Teensafe

But teens don’t start to develop a sense of empathy until they are 13-15 years old. So how can we gently, lovingly guide our teens as they navigate their own journey into young adulthood? Continue reading 11 Touching Books to Boost Empathy in Teen Readers

Book Trailers for Teens

There are so many cool resources for finding books, such as your local librarian, or online databases like Novelist. There are also online book trailers, which are similar to movie trailers, but for books. Book trailers are a great online resource from publishers and bibliophiles (book fans) for finding book recommendations. They are creative and differ from the standard book talk or article. Book trailers are wonderful for visual learners and those of us who just want a unique way to find our next read.

Here are some book trailers from publishers Epic Reads, Random House, and Simon & Schuster.

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Booktuber video reviews, for and by teens!

booktubeHave you heard of Booktube or Booktubers? Booktube is an online book community found on YouTube. This fast-growing community is made up of individuals who refer to themselves as Booktubers. Booktubers record themselves reviewing books in fun and creative ways. Their videos are often filled with energy and are highly entertaining! I love watching Booktuber videos for book suggestions and also because their videos are never dull! Here are some of my favorite Booktubers on YouTube for teens in grades 6-12.

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