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Meet Dog Man, Literary Character for the Ages


Love him or barely tolerate him, Dav Pilkey’s Captain Underpants has been one of the most successful children’s book characters of the past several years.  Last month saw the release of a spin-off of the highly popular series, this time focusing on a character known affectionately as Dog Man.

So just who is Dog Man?  A half-cop, half-dog mix with a penchant for potty jokes, crime fighting and immature humor.  These qualities are sure to make him a hit with fans of the genre.  To check out Dog Man for yourself, place a hold here.

“The Kid”, a Baseball Legend

You’ve heard of “The Babe” – well, here’s the story of “The Kid,” a new picture book in our collection. The Kid from Diamond Street is about Edith Houghton, the baseball legend who was playing pro ball at age 10!kid from diamond street

This fascinating piece of baseball history will delight young players and fans, especially girls who love to play the game.

“Play ball” – hit a home run out of the park when you try out this delightful read!

Staff Pick – Best Graphic Novel for Adults 2015

Lulu Anew

LuLu Anew  by  Etienne Davodeau

One of 2015’s best graphic novels for adults. The antithesis to the usual line up of steroid pumped heroes, hardened zombies, and soft porn. This is the window into a woman’s life at a most critical juncture, a metaphysical breakdown. Lulu leaves her family one day for a job interview in another town and does not return. Instead she wanders the beach, aimlessly, and without purpose. What is motivating her, what she finds, who she impacts, and the twist of a resolution makes for a refreshing unexpected tale of middle age.

Picked by Karen