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“Indie Next” Book Recommendations for December

Yum, yum, lots of interesting and eclectic books to try on! Exploring this list of independent bookseller’s favorites is sort of like stumbling into a small neighborhood bakery, and finding a treasure trove of unusual treats.

Indie Bound is a community of independent local bookstores. They offer monthly newsletters and book recommendations that might be a bit out of the mainstream, and they urge readers to support the smaller, independent bookstores. Like your own beloved small library!

Enjoy this month’s reading list – you can print it out like a monthly shopping/borrowing list. Even the list makes great reading!

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Big Screen December

December is a great month to watch movies…Here’s an update (from an earlier post) of movies adapted from books hitting theatres in December. Bonus…I cheated by adding a few bonus films that weren’t inspired by books but might make your list….Enjoy!

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Explore Your Family History with Ancestry

It’s about that time of year again when many American families gather together for Thanksgiving. As you linger over turkey and pumpkin pie, your time together may get you thinking about your family history. Lucky for you, the Library’s got you covered! In addition to the many books we offer on genealogy, your Lafayette Library card gives you free access to genealogy websites, including Ancestry and MyHeritage. Continue reading Explore Your Family History with Ancestry