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Eclipse Fever

eclipse 2017

On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will sweep the United States, along a narrow path stretching from Oregon to South Carolina. The event is called the “Great American Eclipse” because it will be so accessible to a large number of Americans: it is estimated that 22 million will witness this wondrous natural event, when the sky darkens at midday, and the tenuous solar corona becomes visible to the naked eye.
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May the 4th Be With You!

Star Wars Day

Celebrate Star Wars Day!
“May the 4th” is a day for all lovers of Jedi, the Resistance, the Skywalkers, the Hutts, Boba Fett, Gamorrean guards, Maz Kanata, General Grievous, Rancor Keeper and Snap Wexley to unite and celebrate all there is in the galaxy far, far way.

(Why May 4, you ask? Why, it’s right there in the date, a play on “May the Force be with You.”)

Check out some of our beloved Star Wars books (we have titles to appeal to every age!), binge on Star Wars dvds, and enjoy Star Wars again – and again – and again…


One Book 4 Colorado Returns April 17!

The One Book 4 Colorado program aims to get books into the hands of 4 year olds across the state each year.  This year’s free giveaway will take place April 17 – May 1 here at the library, so don’t forget to stop by and pick up a book for that special 4 year old in your life!

Books are available in English and Spanish.  The title of this year’s prize book will be revealed on the 17th.

Learn more about the OB4CO program and the impact is has made here.


Local Authors: Hear one today, find others on display!

March is a great month to feature local authors! Check out our upcoming events, and stop by the lobby display to find works by other local authors!



Upcoming: Tonight (Thursday, March 2), 6:30 pm: Meet  to Amy Rivers, who will be discussing her recent books. Copies will be available for purchase!

Saturday, March 18, 10:30 am: Heather Preusser will do a story time and share her book A Symphony of Cowbells.