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“Lift Your Light a Little Higher”: Celebrate Lesser-Known African Americans with 22 Books for Kids

Books about African American contributions

There is much to learn about what African Americans have added to our society and the world. Not just the big names that we recall, such as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks, but those “unsung” folks who changed our world forever with their contributions.

Read and discover; be inspired and learn more about how African Americans have changed and improved everything – everything! – in our world.

Thanks to our friends at Brightly for helping us to celebrate Black History Month.

Dewey’s Nonfiction Number of the Month: 100

Dewey’s nonfiction number of the month is 100! Nonfiction books are great for finding factual information to use in school projects and/or personal research.

Make sure to stop by the Kid and Teen Zones to see all of our nonfiction books. You can also visit the Staff Picks – Kids & Teens Nonfiction list in the catalog to learn more about them and request copies! Here are some of my favorite nonfiction books found in the 100s.

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Science and Babies?

babies science books

Thanks to Brightly for this wonderful intro to the world of science for babies. Baby Loves Science books are designed for for the very young, but are great for preschoolers and even grown-ups as a wonderful introduction to scientific concepts like aerospace engineering, thermodynamics, and molecules. Find out from Ruth Spiro, author of the Baby Loves Science series just why those ideas are not too big for babies to grasp.