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The Story of the Selkies

“The legend of the Selkie is told along the Western coast of Scotland and as far down as Ireland. Selkies are seals in the water, but once on land, they take off their skins and become human. If an ordinary mortal sees a Selkie in human form, they will inevitably fall in love. The Selkie legend has several variations but never ends happily.”
Elisabeth Gifford blog

Intrigued? We have a list of selkie books to feed your curiosity, compliments of Patty F., librarian. Continue reading The Story of the Selkies

Pack Your Bags And Your Books For A Literary Journey With Librarian Nancy Pearl

NPR’s “Morning Edition” host Steve Inskeep chats with Seattle librarian Nancy Pearl as she shares her under-the-radar reading recommendations. Her picks will take you on journeys around the world – and back in time.

Source: Pack Your Bags And Your Books For A Literary Journey With Librarian Nancy Pearl : NPR

Staff Picks for February

It’s still winter – dark and chilly, the perfect time for coffees, teas, and books. And we have a whole list of current favorites this month, thanks to our ever-reading staff.

Take a sip- like the best warming drinks, they pull you in with deliciousness. Everything is available in our catalog – so enjoy! Continue reading Staff Picks for February

Staff Picks

Each month we share our current favorites with our library community, and this month is no different, even in the face of frantic holiday flurries. We hope you enjoy our eclectic recommendations, and give yourself the gift of a new or different book to enjoy. You’ll find these great reads and so many more in our catalog. Continue reading Staff Picks