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The “Best” Books of 2018

Happy Holidays from your friends at the Library! Our gifts to you during this season of gifting are lists of the “best” books of 2018. Of course we understand that your “best” might not be someone else’s “best,” so we picked a few different lists to choose from as you plan out your 2019 reading lists.

In the words of Maureen Corrigan, “I wish everyone this holiday season the gift of good books and plenty of time to read them.” Continue reading The “Best” Books of 2018

Nuestro Reto de Lectura del Feriado de Invierno

Nuestro Reto de Lectura del Feriado de Invierno es del 21 de diciembre, 2018 al 7 de enero, 2019. Lo único que tienes que hacer es ingresar a la cuenta de Beanstack que creaste durante la Lectura de Verano, o puedes crear una nueva para tu familia. Para participar, completa  3 de las 5 actividades de Lectura del Feriado de Invierno, en línea, y podrías ganarte un libro y otros premios. Los ganadores serán escogidos al azar en las siguientes categorías: Recién Nacidos a Pre-Escolar, Kinder a 5to Grado, 6to Grado a 12vo Grado, y Adultos.


  • Leer un libro
  • Escuchar un audio-libro
  • Prestar una revista de la biblioteca (en línea o en persona)
  • Visitar la biblioteca
  • Compartir cuál fue tu libro favorito de 2018

¡Ingresa a tu cuenta o puedes crear una nueva!

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“Indie Next” Book Recommendations for December

Yum, yum, lots of interesting and eclectic books to try on! Exploring this list of independent bookseller’s favorites is sort of like stumbling into a small neighborhood bakery, and finding a treasure trove of unusual treats.

Indie Bound is a community of independent local bookstores. They offer monthly newsletters and book recommendations that might be a bit out of the mainstream, and they urge readers to support the smaller, independent bookstores. Like your own beloved small library!

Enjoy this month’s reading list – you can print it out like a monthly shopping/borrowing list. Even the list makes great reading!

Source: Indie Next List |

November Writing Contest Winners 2018

Thank you to everyone who participated in our National Novel Writing Month contest. Here are the winners from our Enter-to-Win! They will each be receiving a book and other writing related goodies. You can read their short stories or comics by clicking on their names below.

  •  K-2nd Grade Winner: Isaac
  • 3rd – 5th Grade Winner: Kaleo
  • 6th-8th Grade Winner: Kiele
  • 9th – 12th Grade Winner: Ben J.