Banned Books Week 2018

Banned Books video

Imagine . . .
You’re looking for a book you’ve heard about, or been assigned as homework, and you can’t find it in your library. Sounds like some sort of science fiction story, but it’s not. In this country there are books and comics you’re not allowed to look at because they are judged to be too dangerous, or immoral, or somehow don’t fit in with what current society deems “appropriate.”

Yet many of those books have had a profound impact on those who have read them, by challenging them or giving them hope, or helping them see that they are not so different from other folks.

This week we observe Banned Books Week, September 23-29, as a way of encouraging our community to foster acceptance of the ideas and viewpoints that might not fit in with what we find comfortable.

So pick up a “banned book” this week – try something outside your comfort zone – and make our community safe for the important thinking we need our world. You can start here, with our catalog list of 2017 Banned Books.

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